In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was a little Black girl who had four friends.  They were:  the front wall, the back wall, the left wall, and the right wall.  They each served different purposes in her life, as friends often do.  The left wall told her she would only study as far as high school; college is not necessary.  The right wall told her she would not get married or fall in love, but was for sure to have more than one kid.  The back wall told her all about herself. “You will look like this, dress like this, and talk like this.” The front wall, the worst, would not let her go anywhere. New places? Different languages? Diverse cultures? Ew.

One day, out of nowhere, these four walls broke! They say it was an accident caused by a few bad decisions and a truck. Whatever the reason, the four walls came crashing down, leaving the little Black girl alone with her thoughts, and a maze of paths stretching from where the walls used to be. Am I lost? she asked herself. I don’t know which way to go, she cried. This should be scarier, she thought. But she wasn’t scared. And she wasn’t lost. She felt more comfortable amongst the maze than she ever did with her friends, the walls. After a while, she realized it didn’t matter which way she went; or which path she took. She was exactly where she needed to be, to start doing what she needed to do.

Some people would say that the four walls helped the little Black girl. What about the rain?   Aren’t you afraid of storms? Don’t forget about the snow. The walls can protect you! they exclaimed.

No, she said. I will not cry over the death of my friends; nor will I dwell on that which caused it. These paths will be my new home. And though they can’t protect me from the rain or snow, they will protect me from a life of regret and inopportunity. Yes, some may have no end; but then neither will my dreams, and the satisfying pursuit to realize them.


So where is the little Black girl now?


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