No Time To Waste

No Time to Waste

“Life is too short to only seek fulfillment from others, and not from yourself.”

It’s a sad reality that our lives [have to] revolve more around what we do professionally and academically…about what we possess financially and materially. What about what we do socially and collectively? What about what we possess emotionally and spiritually? With these more recent tragedies, if it has not dawned on you already, please know this: Life is too short to stress about tomorrow. Life is too precious to waste it on harmful actions and thoughts. Life is [already] too cruel to keep yourself, and others, from the love and compassion you have to offer. Be the positivity in this world. Be the kindness, the love, and the light in this world. Hug. Kiss. Smile. Laugh. Speak good things. Do good things.


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