My Christmas Wish

I would like to wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday season. I hope that you have the opportunity to be with the ones you love, and in a place that feels like home.

Also, with all the tragedy and injustice we have seen this year, please do not let your heart be filled with ugliness. Do not let anger and sorrow be the only lens through which you view this world and the people around you. Remember that your words are weapons. Use them to tear down injustice, hate, and prejudice. Do not use them to tear down people. We are all fighting our own battles and we must embrace each other….especially those that may think or live differently than us (you). Use your words as tools of education and empowerment. Uplift spirits…don’t crush them. [Be the positivity and the light in this world.] Race, religion, nationality, sexuality, gender, ability, age, class, education, opinion…embrace everyone. LOVE everyone. Please. There is not enough of this in the world. But there has been enough war and suffering; there has been enough ignorance and hate…we need to start leaning on each other lest we risk centuries more of this.


One comment

  1. inertialconfinement · December 27, 2014

    What a timely post! I love your call to tear down injustice, not people! What powerful words!


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